An Introduction to IVF treatment

An IVF treatment is one of the best treatments for people who are having fertility problems. In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a very popular treatment that many people take advantage of around world to deal with issues of infertility. At the same time there are many who are not aware of what is IVF.  The natural process of conceiving takes place inside the body of the women when the fertilization of her eggs takes place.  With IVF the process of conceiving occurs outside the body of the women after which the fertilized egg is surgically implanted into the womb of the women.


How does IVF Work?

The IVF Treatment tends to vary as per the circumstances of an individual and also depends on where you get it done. However, a few processes are common everywhere though which first begins with signing of several forms. Here are a few pointers on how it works:

  • A drug needs to be taken by the women to suppress their natural monthly hormone cycle.
  • A fertility hormone is then given to the women to boost the egg supply.
  • This is followed by several tests to monitor the progress over the next 30 – 35 hours.
  • The eggs are then collected using several medical instruments and processes like ultrasound, etc.
  • At the same time the male partner of the women is required provide a sperm sample which is then fertilized with the eggs.
  • These are monitored and the eggs successfully fertilised are grown in the laboratory incubator for up to six days. These are called embryos.
  • The embryos transfer then takes place which is a procedure that is carried out in an operational theatre with skilled doctors and nurses.


Success ratio for IVF Treatment

The success ratio of the IVF process varies. However, at Sumiran Women’s Hospital we glad to say we have a 30 to 59% success rate in IVF.  This is not a painful procedure and it has been successfully carried out many times. However, it is demanding and at times causes physical and emotion stress too.


What are the risks of IVF Treatment?

There are few risks involved with the IVF treatment too, which are usually not very common though. These include:

  • Multiple Pregnancy: There is a chance of multiple pregnancy resulting in twins or triplets.
  • Ovarian hyper stimulation Syndrome (OHSS): The drugs taken to stimulate the ovaries can lead to Ovarian hyper stimulation syndrome. This can be painful with several side effects like breathing problem, blood clots, etc. Thus this would require hospital care.
  • Infection: Since the process is performed surgically, several instruments are used in sensitive areas and hence there is the risk of infection. However this can easily be prevented by taking proper care and maintaining surgical hygiene.